iPurchase® is a web-based Purchase Requisition Management System that includes ”out-of-the-box’ real-time integration with QAD Enterprise Applications. You don’t need to change systems in order to get the optimization you need. iPurchase® bolts right on to your existing ERP and synthesizes it with the cloud for on-the-go, on-the-spot seamless integration that reduces unnecessary spending and creates trust relationships that work to streamline the procurement process.
Purchase Requisition Management System With Efficient Features That Travel With You
Since iPurchase® is a completely web-based application, it can be accessed with your smart devices, whether iPhones (IOS) or Android, which reduces the need for a complicated purchasing lifecycle. Simplified procurement increases your ROI opportunity. There’s no more waiting for decision makers to approve your requisition. iPurchase® provides automatic routing and rules for approval that make record keeping a snap.

  • Supplier eCommerce shopping (punchouts) and supplier catalog management: import supplier catalogs without leaving your iPurchase® interface
  • Project budgeting and tracking for a complete audit trail, includes product ratings
  • United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) purchasing analytics for company-wide transparency and compliance
  • MRP integration: one-click creates or changes purchase orders based on action messages, such as, “expedite purchase order” which revises the QAD line item due date so it’s easy to change, inquire about or reprint purchase orders.

iPurchase®, Purchase Requisition Management System, allow you to build stronger foundations within your procurement system: quotes, materials, products, multi-vendor and multi-currency shopping carts, and incomparable inventory control not only add a rich architectural gestell that help you achieve targeted outcomes and benefits but allows for maximum functionality.

Purchase Requisition Management Functionality: Getting What You Need Done

iPurchase®, Purchase Requisition Management System, utilizes the ISS Group AART® technology. AART® is ISS Group’s Advanced Approval Routing Technology. With it, you can configure user rules to dynamically route process forms throughout your organization. In iPurchase®, you don’t have to sift through vendors and columns of search results. Preferred items rise to the top. You can click on the vendor and create your purchase order requisition directly. When your requisition is approved, iPurchase® creates a QAD purchase order for efficient handling with contracted benefits like preferred pricing and volume discounts applied.
iPurchase® works with the enterprise management tools you already have in place. The portal is all about performance, data security, and savings. By keeping iPurchase® functional within the many layers of the cloud, your workflow isn’t tempered by slow approvals or incessant glitches. ISS Group supports all levels of functionality.

iPurchase® is the Merging of People and Platform for Maximum Value

The fusion of people plus platform tackles maverick spending head on while reducing tail spending and managing all aspects of procurement. iPurchase® features and functionality help you curb unnecessary expenditures which provide your company with quality improvements that enhance service and productivity. Once your company integrates the iPurchase® solution, the quality and value of real-time procurement and management is apparent:

  • Accessibility and Visibility
  • Simple to Highly Complex Rules Based Approval Routing
  • Full auditing of the Procurement Process
  • High-performance budgeting and cost tracking
  • Ease of reporting, inventory tracking, and analytics
  • Offers standardized reporting while being customizable
  • Cloud processing
  • Aggregate data from all levels of procurement
  • Scalability: grows with you as your company grows

Strong relationships with all stakeholders, including C-Levels, IT, and purchasing teams, builds intrinsic value that becomes second nature in companies that trust internal processes to be all that they can be. ISS Group’s purchase requisitions software system helps everyone understand where they fit in the system. iPurchase® helps you to always understand where you are in the approval chain. You can see prior approvals and transaction detail so every decision is optimized for efficient and optimized workflow. Translation? Features and functionality that save you time and money.
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