ISS Group’s web-based, iQuote® BPI software rids your company of the interdepartmental silos and disparate tools that notoriously create a lack of cohesiveness and functionality in your quote-to-cash process. Simplify. Drowning in inefficient processes doesn’t help your quote-to-cash ratio. iQuote‘s out-of-the-gate, bolt-on ERP system harnesses real-time QAD EA integration with powerful, configurable, rules-based workflow technology that gives you real-time control over pricing, discounts, internal quote processes, customer relations, and revenue.

What is the Quote-to-Cash Process?

Arguably the most critical metric in any sales organization is the quote-to-cash key performance indicator (KPI). It’s what gives your company its lifeblood, its backbone. If your company harbors a poor quote-to-cash KPI, revenue suffers. Why does this happen? Lack of collaboration is a huge factor creating a process that lacks cohesiveness where you must wait for a managerial review, where “real-time” is dependent on departmental emails, locale, and vacations. This creates a quote process that is open to subjectivity, a decided lack of time constraints and missed opportunity. It’s tough for all the players to get “the big picture,” making it difficult to execute the contract management cycle efficiently. That’s hardly simplicity. It’s no wonder this KPI can get lost in the shuffle.

How iQuote® Improves Your Quote-to-Cash KPI

iQuote‘s 100 percent web-based, real-time integration with QAD streamlinesstandardizes and simplifies the quote-to-cash process so that your quote-to-cash KPI improves. iQuote‘s functionality lies in its innovative features, which include operational improvements that allow your team:

  • Access to real-time available inventory, best pricing, catalogs, and discounts 24/7 for compelling quotes
  • Configurable rules-based approval workflow so that collaboration and approvals are timely
  • Fast and efficient establishment of new customers or updating old customers, CRM contact imports
  • Internal and external pricing tools that reduce error
  • Sales quote templates, sales order auto-creation, intuitive customer/contact searches
  • Unlimited attachments create line notes, master comments, and customer electronic signature that reduce need for quote amendments and redundant information that can set the process back
  • QAD EA sales order, invoice, and pricing inquiry
  • Complete quote-to-cash audit trail
  • Integrates with MS Office
  • Operates on-site or in the cloud
  • Cost-effective user licensing

Key improvements include faster quote turnaround, pricing controls, dynamic collaboration, compliance, communication, better-understood priorities, and operational visibility leading to better product management. This ultimately leads to a stronger and a more viable quote-to-cash process. Think about it: not only can iQuote® create dynamically automated quotes, but it allows you to have access to all the rich data that creates intelligent tracking and analysis of buying behaviors. It’s a world of instant gratification and personalized service. iQuote® hands you all the information in an application that helps you navigate and manage that world.

C-Suite In The Know: Optimal Outcomes

The quote-to-cash process connects your CRM to your ERP, taking operations to a new level where you can easily define, measure and reward buying behaviors (like promotional and rebate incentives). It helps your company “play up” instead of reworking the quote-to-cash process from behind. When you can engage the demand for the ever-evolving need for new sales channels, mass customizations, fluid business and pricing models, global competition and market volatility, you circumvent vulnerability in your quote-to-cash process.
iQuote® gives you that unmitigated access to real-time quote management tools that take you from inefficiency to simplification. Going live with the ISS Group’s iQuote BPI software improves your quote-to-cash ratio with effective transformations in:

  • Staff productivity
  • Encouraging alignment to corporate objectives
  • Revenue consistency that grows gains market share
  • Profitability and Reinvestment
  • Customer experiences that get repeat business

iQuote® helps you target strategic markets that drive positive outcomes for your company. It’s empowering in its cross-functionality and helps you and your company get it right the first time. Innovation. Simplicity. Superior capitalization of the quote-to-cash process that helps you meet the daily challenges of decision-making that leads to improved sales efficiency and overall ROI.
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