Traditional human-centric collaboration involves employees working together, most often face-to-face, toward a common goal, sharing knowledge that evolves an issue toward some vested resolution. Collaboration infused with Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions takes that human-centric process and advances it into solutions that are both digitally innovative and collaborative. The resulting new paradigm engineers a co-creation of knowledge, not just the exchange of knowledge, across time and space, establishing a nearly immediate return on investment.

What are BPM and BPI Solutions?

Business Process Improvement (BPI) software is a tool of BPM methodology. No matter if your enterprise operates in the cloud or within the confines of internally housed servers, the goal of BPI is to streamline operations, integrate devices, employee skills, and data into a connected work force that improves internal and customer experiences. By focusing on process efficiency using BPI solutions, you leverage strategic cooperation among all stakeholder assets.

How BPI Collaboration Creates Value

Is the idea of collaborative value subjective? There’s no disputing that collaboration benefits business. But why? If you ask 10 different stakeholders, you will get 10 different answers because collaborative value depends on the synthesis of human perception, knowledge, and process. BPI collaboration takes that subjectivity and kicks it up a notch, streamlining processes to create more efficient architectural and logistical workflow.
Here are 4 key collaborative values:

  • Participation: Collaborative participation is open-ended, meaning that those convening the collaboration can easily add new members to it and brief them quickly and efficiently to join in the conversation.
  • Process: BPI collaboration meets qualitative process initiatives so that scalable knowledge gets built into and applied to workflow data. Collaboration can be in real-time or asynchronous.
  • Accountability: Interface transparency adds responsibility for higher quality input and credit for collaborative contributions. BPI collaboration provides the venue for participants to know what is expected of them, how to input to the collaborative effort while providing tracking for uncovering and correcting issues and providing for new ways to define future opportunity.
  • Discovery: Past collaborations are easily archived and searchable. New collaboration participants can quickly get up to speed regarding earlier conversations in current collaborative efforts.

These value-driven, collaborative BPI solutions promote participant respect, safety, trust, and forward-thinking, intelligent dialogue that produces results that save time and money.

Collaboration Produces Benefits

We’ve touched on workflow, so using that as an example of how business process improvements can be made by collaborating with internal management, staff and company suppliers, we can consider a particular web-based, out-of-the-box purchase requisition BPI solution that bolts on to your existing ERP system.
Back to the traditional human-centric process, you would have your staff make calls, maybe make a supplier visit, figure out who and what to include in the collaborative process before making a decision about how to proceed to help this client with his workflow issues.
Today’s collaboration uses this BPI solution to help clients to reduce error, improve accuracy, remove data redundancy, and to manage workflow efficiently in real-time without latency. Here are 6 benefits:

  • No batch and load.
  • Secure metrics.
  • Reporting efficiency.
  • Digital collaboration reducing paperwork to a final document.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Immediate ROI due to quick resolution.

BPI solutions create an environment for enhancing collaborative efforts. Workflows are clearly defined and optimized through creating processes that promote ease of communication exchange through various mediums.

So Can We Eliminate Human-Centric Collaboration?

You can’t take humanity out of the equation. Collaboration always needs sentience because the path from issue to resolution isn’t always a straight line. Subjectivity springboards new ideas, feelings and perceptions that create holistic collaborative efforts that ensure continuity, high performance and customer satisfaction. Contact us for out-of-the-box digital solutions that meet outside-of-the-box thinking for premium collaborative value.
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