If your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system hasn’t migrated to the cloud yet, you may not be getting the synthesis, integration, and optimization your enterprise needs to make those manufacturing and distribution decisions that keep your company competitive and growing in the 21st century marketplace. Along with innovative business process improvements solutions (BPI) that partner with your current ERP, it provides valuable core benefits like increased scalability, security and cost savings that free up both your internal IT team and management.
Let’s focus on how BPI solutions take you to the next level:

Bolt-on, cloud-based BPI solutions plus your current ERP add up to cost savings.

Cloud-based BPI solutions transform your business processes, workflow and how you store your critical data. By migrating your current ERP system to the cloud, you reduce (or eliminate) the need for housing and powering multiple storage servers. This means lower capital outlay because you won’t be buying expensive hardware to maintain and store your current software solutions–which means little or no depreciation costs.
Integrating your current ERP with BPI cloud-based solutions improves your internal people-to-process workflow and streamlines your B2B connectivity without steep learning curves. How? Our cloud-based BPI solutions bolt-on to your existing ERP system, streamlining operational business processes and logistics. It frees up your IT teams from daily tech issues, increases productivity, keeps monthly costs predictable and your business flowing smoothly while lowering operational costs.

Cloud services free up your internal IT team.

Cloud services enable your internal IT team, and associated C-level managers, to reduce infrastructure maintenance, freeing them up to concentrate their time and talents on escalating business improvements and revenue generation. Your team isn’t concentrating on common help desk calls, procurement, or server configuration. Cloud services securely manage that day-to-day drudgery that saps most IT team’s time and energy. When your IT team is stuck maintaining your ERP or a legacy system, it takes away from growth potential and scalability. Freeing up your IT team with cloud-based ERP and BPI solutions reduces the cost per unit of computing power. It’s a win-win interface that is cost-effective and changes as your enterprise needs grow within the cloud.

It’s all about performance and scalability. 

Every process-driven enterprise faces strategic and financial challenges as it grows to meet changing demands. Migrating ERP and BPI solutions to the cloud allows your company to maintain internal continuity, flexibility and brand unification across diverse geographic regions. Not only will your current ERP synthesize new key performance indicators, based on improved processes that can save your enterprise time and money, cloud computing allows you to use trial applications without a large capital investment while rolling out new applications to groups, reducing risk and spreading training costs. Scalability adds value to your business-to-business relationships and ups your ROI potential.

Cloud-based solutions ups data security.

Cyber attacks against sensitive enterprise data have set many companies on edge. Internal security protocols aren’t always known or followed. Data permissions aren’t always correctly set. Outside forces beyond your control often strike without warning. Yet, many CEOs feel that in-house data proximity keeps their data securely under their control. No one security standard protects your enterprise. Cloud providers understand that for most SMBs and large enterprises, keeping your data onsite doesn’t guarantee security. In fact, the server room in many companies is no more than a locked closet that does little to protect against break-in or natural disaster. Will your data be more secure in the cloud? For most companies, necessarily so, as cloud provider expertise runs the gamut from storage to data restoration. Migrating to the cloud reduces risk and keeps your data in-line with your enterprise model. That security is core to your business continuity strategy.

The cloud is effective business continuity strategy.

Should your business find itself at the center of a multi-vector cyber attack, physical theft, or at the mercy of mother nature, you must initiate your business continuity plan. Logic and experience dictate that you’d better have your plan mapped out before disaster strikes to avoid data loss while you are focusing on your employees and your facilities. Cloud vendors’ core function is providing that infrastructure business continuity–the preventive and restorative measures that keep your business up-and-running until normal operations resume.
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