Business Process Improvement (BPI) software solutions can propel your organization forward by combatting redundant work, increasing productivity, and motivating team members. BPI focuses on the business requirements of processes and uses technology to make it simpler while it also increases efficiency and allows for better collaboration of shared resources. At ISS, our goal is to make your entire business run more smoothly and efficiently.
How can our BPI solutions help your business?
BPI strives to achieve business goals without wasting time and valuable resources. By streamlining deficient processes in your workflow, our BPI solutions can get things done faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. Like all change, implementing BPI needs good direction for positive results. Some things we’ll consider together to ensure your BPI solution works perfectly:
Needs assessment: Addressing existing processes is key. Implementation should start with process mapping and discussing pain points that need addressing.
How do existing processes work?

  • How do these processes fit with other areas of the company?
  • Which broken or lackluster processes could work better with organizational goals?
  • How could improvements in these processes add value to the business?
  • Which available resources do you need for an effective BPI implementation? (People, IT, systems, and other resources)
  • What does the future hold? You want the solution scalable for growth.

Customized and innovative BPI solutions
Every business is unique, so customization of your BPI solution is the key to getting a product that works exactly as needed. Adaptation to your process flow and ensuring it is easier and faster for everyone involved is the goal.
For instance, BPI setup is often done so that when a sales professional enters an order, automated processes begin. Costs and time are decreased by sending the order simultaneously to the manufacturing department to get product creation started, and the distribution area so they can schedule delivery upon completion. Additionally, automating invoicing can speed up client payments, and follow-up reminders allow the salesperson to stay on top of the order from start to finish. Rather than one person having to speak with people in all those different departments, the system tracks and follows the project, nudging team members along to keep things flowing smoothly.
Solutions that easily adapt to how you currently do business, while helping with efficiency and costs are the goal of BPI. To that end, our BPI solutions allow maximum flexibility, so that each of our end users can configure the solutions exactly as needed.
What BPI solutions do we offer?
ISS offers a broad range of innovative BPI solutions that work with your existing ERP system and implemented as add-ons. Our Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART™) eliminates paper, improves process controls and reduces process cycle time and costs while streamlining business partner transactions and improving employee morale and productivity. Of course, happy business partners and happy employees lead to higher profits. Here are a few of our BPI solutions that can streamline and simplify your business:
iApprove™ is a configurable rules-based Approval Routing and Buyer/Supplier Alert solution utilizing the ISS Group Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART™) for routing of Approvals and Alerts to one or many people within your organization and/or your Supplier. iApprove™ provides functionality such as New Supplier Approval, Supplier Contract Tracking, Project Budget Approval, Late PO Delivery Alerts, Low Inventory Alerts, Supplier Master File Data Changes (ie; Supplier Remit to Address Change Approval), and more.
iPurchase® is a web-based Purchase Order Requisition Management solution that can be implemented in the cloud or on-premise utilizing the same configurable rules-based technology as iApprove™ for routing and approval of PO Requisitions. iPurchase™ creates QAD Purchase Orders upon Requisition approval and provides functionality such as Supplier Ecommerce Shopping (Punchouts), Supplier Pricing Catalog Management, Project Budgeting & Spend Tracking, QAD PO Change Orders, QAD PO/Receipts Inquiry, QAD MRP Integration, Mobile functionality, Purchasing Analytics, and Process Metrics.
iManagePo’s ™ iManagePOs™ is a cloud PO Management solution developed by SourceDay, Inc. and resold by ISS Group to automate procurement and purchase orders. iManagePOs™ manages purchasing capabilities for buyers and suppliers, eliminating manual processes while improving supplier performance and collaboration. It tracks PO acknowledgements and scheduled ship dates. It alerts suppliers and buyers to changes, while keeping the ERP system updated, auto-create ASNs, and grades suppliers with the Supplier Scorecard.
iVoucher™ is a cloud Supplier Invoice Reconciliation solution developed by Easy Access, Inc. and re-sold by ISS Group for the reconciliation and payment of Supplier Invoices. iVoucher™ automates the invoice reconciliation process for both PO and non-PO invoices and provides functionality including OCR invoice import and capture, invoice pairing and matching with PO’s/Receipts, invoice approval routing, and ERP A/P Voucher creation.
Automating your business processes with our BPI software solutions is a wise move. BPI makes it easy for your employees to do their job well by giving them accurate, real-time information, easy communications with other departments, and great follow-up capabilities. Implementing BPI solutions with ISS is a quick and relatively painless process. Further, since it is web-based, implementation in your facility or in the cloud is possible. Either way, your business will enjoy the benefits of business process improvement very quickly, and customers, business partners, and team members will all be pleasantly surprised at the differences it makes. Are you ready to move your business forward with BPI? Simply contact us and let’s get started.

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