The Procure to Pay Process demands a huge amount of resources.

Just putting together the basic pieces – RFQs, contract management, payment processing, and filing documentation – requires dedicated staff and a variety of software solutions. Add on top of that spending caps, regulatory compliance, and data collection for executive decisions and you get the highly complicated process that is procurement.
Software solutions that automate a portion of the tasks that make up procurement have been available for decades, but all-encompassing solutions that can handle the gambit of miscellaneous tasks associated with procurement have historically faced a number of barriers to accessibility for most small to medium-sized businesses.
These barriers include high cost of solutions, difficulty of adoption, inability to fully integrate software and features, and internal resistance to change.
Today, advances in cloud technology have reduced the operating costs and risks associated with adopting full-scope procure to pay (P2P) solutions. This combined with a change in the delivery of such solutions has removed these barriers to adoption by lowering the cost of use, providing support for transitioning companies including managed IT services, and offering improved user interfaces for ease of adoption and use.

What we offer….one word, ‘Simplicity’: Solutions by ISS Group

As an industry pioneer in P2P solutions, ISS Group has been instrumental in lowering these barriers and improving the procurement process. We’ve done so by creating solutions that not only automate procurement tasks, but also tie them together in a single cloud service that’s accessed through a normal web browser.
With no local hardware required, our cloud-integrated solutions provide a number of benefits:

  • Incidentally-generated procurement data, providing insights for making informed business decisions
  • Transparency of the procurement process
  • Organization-wide accessibility of procurement information
  • Efficient, digitized and automated procurement processes
  • Seamless compatibility with leading ERP software solutions

While automation is an important labor and cost saving feature, much of the value of an integrated cloud solution comes from the aggregation of data within one system. The same system connects with ERP and the various other software solutions that complete business operations, maximizing efficiency and transparency for procurement as a piece of the whole of operations.
Within this integrated system are the individual features and interfaces that handle various parts of the P2P process.


iPurchase® is ISS Group’s full featured Purchase Order Requisition Management solution.
The most current version of this 20+ year proven solution is designed for “plug and play” ease of use, requiring only a web browser to run. There’s no local installation required! For rapid ROI, iPurchase® features expedited training and utilization, ongoing automatic maintenance and updates, and remote access (use it anywhere with internet access – even on Mobile devices!).
With iPurchase® you’re getting superior collaboration between buyers and suppliers. Included is supplier catalog management and supplier eCommerce shopping (punchouts) for an intuitive experience with highly configurable, ‘multi-level’ approval routing of PO requisitions.
Complete auditable PO management enables easy PO changes, inquiries and reprinting.
Our requisition management solution integrates out-of-the-box in ‘real-time’ with QAD EA, and operates in hybrid environments with most leading ERP solutions.
iPurchase® generated purchase orders, after approval, are created in the integrated ERP system automatically.
Approvals routing provides organizational compliance and will adhere strictly to management-provided rules. Never spend more than the budgeted amount on supplies while taking full advantage of contract pricing.
The power of integrating ERP and P2P comes from leveraging smart cloud-based technology. The synergy between client-side and supply side operations reduces disparities between inventory and customer demand automatically, freeing staff up to focus on more important projects.


This supplier invoice reconciliation solution, like iPurchase® and other ISS Group solutions, is designed for rapid deployment “out-of-the-box” and is a browser-based solution that requires no local installation.
iVoucher™ generates additional business insight by extracting information from scanned paper invoices and electronic invoices. It also significantly reduces the need for paper forms and physical filing systems. Stored documents are securely and reliably stored by the cloud service.
With the use of OCR Invoice capture, iVoucher™  provides business intelligence by importing data into your AP system.
With 2-way and 3-way electronic PO/receipt/invoice reconciliation, and approval processes, iVoucher™ is an integral component of the ‘Pay-side’ of the P2P solution suite.
With the aid of these powerful tools, a ‘Simple’, easy to use, efficient and transparent P2P process is within reach.
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