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QAD Users: Digital Transformation and Approval Based Workflow

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Approval Workflow_1Digital Transformation is forcing organizations to quickly deploy and adapt processes to meet the tactical and strategic demands required by the business.  Organizations not only need to find a way to circumvent the traditional approaches to technology implementation, but they also need solutions that are more intuitive and utilize user-configurable rules-driven approval workflow; offering a more compelling experience for business user(s).

We developed iApprove™…. yet another resource in our arsenal of Digital Transformation solutions, utilizing our AART™ (Advanced Approval Routing Technology) to accomplish just that.

Automatic routing and approval of business rules give you operational efficiency as well as an audit trail and record keeping.  Approvers can easily understand where they sit in the approval chain and who has already approved, as well as the transaction detail that they need to effectively make a decision.

Why is configuring YOUR companies Business Rules within an Approval and Workflow solution important to you and your organization?

– Automate Policy
– Enforce Process Control
– Reduce Communication Lag
– Standardize Procedures

ISS Group defines Digital Transformation as ‘Connecting People and Processes via the Cloud, Mobile Devices, and Social Media with Approval Routing and Workflow Technology’.

To expand further, a Digitized Process utilizes current technology to provide functionality that facilitates Connectivity, Communication and Collaboration (the 3 C’s). Our development and implementation methodology to provide this functionality for a specific process is called Process Digitization, which results in a Digitized Process.

To learn more about Digital Transformation, click here, to view a presentation delivered during our June 16th Webinar and learn how QAD User organizations such as Avery Dennison, Laird Technologies, AFGlobal, John Crane/Smiths, Somero Enterprises, Superior Essex, and many others have adopted Digital Transformation initiatives to stay competitive and avoid falling behind.

Learn how you too can take advantage of today’s technologies to champion Digital Transformation initiatives for your organization.

While we have mentioned this in prior posts, we believe it bears mentioning again. In a recent survey conducted by Progress Software and Loudhouse, a specialist research division of Octopus Group,

“Organizations have one or two years at best to make significant inroads with digital transformation before they suffer financially and competitively. Many are worried they are already too late.”

The time for Digital Transformation is Now!

A Digital Transformation Solution from ISS Group

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