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QAD Users: Digital Transformation and the Procure to Pay Process

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Procure to pay_1In this new age of Digital Transformation, organizations today understand the importance of a seamless Procure to Pay process. This process governs how an organization fulfills its day to day needs from suppliers, supported by easy-to-use requisition/ordering systems, approval workflows and reimbursement systems. It ‘closes the procurement loop’ as it enhances compliance to procurement contracts and is the key enabler of spend control (or ‘Maverick Spend’), and transparency. Supplier invoices can be approved for payment automatically when they match against the order quantity and price, and often also against the receipt of goods. This enables an efficient process with maximum spend transparency for the organization.

iPurchase™ and iVoucher™ are Digital Transformation solutions specifically designed for the QAD community. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with, and enhance QAD’s Enterprise Application solution.

iPurchase™ is a web-based Purchase Order Requisition Management solution that is integrated real-time with QAD Enterprise Applications. iPurchase™ utilizes the ISS Group AART™ technology for routing (from straight-forward to highly complex rules-based approvals), of PO Requisitions and creates QAD Purchase Order upon Requisition approval.

iVoucher™ is a Supplier invoice reconciliation solution integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications. iVoucher™ automates the Invoice Reconciliation process for both PO and non-PO invoices.

“We have been able to double our PO volume without adding any resources… We have significantly improved our controls, user experience and data quality…

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ISS Group has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation and assisting organizations in the QAD community with our EIM (Enterprise Resource Management) technologies for the past 20 years; staying ahead of the pack by leveraging the value that today’s 21st technology, which have had a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

EIM class of technologies when integrated with your organization’s QAD ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system creates an environment for Digital Transformation.

By utilizing today’s connectivity technology and communication channels, specifically the Internet (or Cloud), Mobile Devices, and Social Networks, together with Rules-based Workflow Technology, we can transform business processes from the old and slower 20th century way of operating a business into the new and faster 21st century way of operating a business in real-time.

For further information on Digital Transformation (DT), we invite you to review our prior blog posts, where you’ll learn more about DT, what all the hype is, what your peers and competition are gearing up for, and how ISS Group can assist in your overall DT strategy. As we have been for the past 20 years; we’re here to help…! 

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