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Web Presentation: What’s after Explore 2016? Digital Transformation!

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Process Transformation

Explore 2016 is over…Did you learn about Digital Transformation and how EIM (Enterprise Information Management) class of technologies when integrated with your organization’s QAD ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system creates an environment for Digital Transformation…?

According to The Aberdeen Group the implementation of these solutions are critical for your organization to stay competitive in today’s business environment.


  • Improved time-to-decision
  • Improved cycle time of key business processes
  • Improved Employee productivity
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Complete and on-time delivery

“We now have 200+ personnel using the ISS Group iPurchase solution. Implementing this Digitized system has reduced errors, improved cycle time, and improved our relationship with our suppliers. It’s been a win for everyone.

Rushik Patel, IT Manager, MTF
What to expect?  Here’s what Best-in Class Organizations obtained:

  • 93% have the ability to measure end-to-end process cycles times or organizational process
  • 80% have the ability to notify employees when processes are assigned or due, compared to 45% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP
  • 73% have the ability to capture and integrate ideas from employees, customers, and suppliers compared to 49% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP
  • 67% have the ability to create dynamic processes that are determined based on the collection of information to determine process resolution rather than a predefined workflow, compared to 15% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP

Click here to view a copy of a presentation delivered during our June 16th Webinar and learn how Digital Transformation of critical business processes is necessary to capture and extend the ROI in your QAD ERP implementation, and how, since 1995, ISS Group’s web-based, real-time integrated Business Process Improvement Solutions have assisted Best of Breed QAD User organizations achieve this objective.

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