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‘How to’ Digitally Transform your Business

By June 1, 2016No Comments

Digital Transformation_7Recently there has been a new IT ‘buzz-term’ going viral in Social Media. If you’ve been thumbing through your LinkedIn or Facebook newsfeeds you’ve had no option but to see it! It is also being discussed by various research organizations such as Gartner, Forrester, and the Aberdeen Group, as well as leading IT organizations such as Progress and IBM are using it in their latest marketing efforts.
That term is Digital Transformation.
So, what is Digital Transformation?
As with most new terms in the IT world, ‘Digital Transformation’ is more of an umbrella concept covering multiple methodologies and technologies rather than a specific concrete set of instructions. According to the results of a recent survey* performed by Progress and Loudhouse, a specialist research division of Octopus Group, some of the more critical technologies being embraced by companies with digital transformation initiatives include eCommerce, Mobile, Business rules/processes, Cloud/PaaS, Analytics, Web Content Management, and Data Connectivity and Integration.
ISS Group (, a Progress Partner since 1989 and an experienced Solutions Provider in the QAD User Community has been delivering web-based Business Process Improvement Solutions to QAD User organizations since 1995 and defines Digital Transformation as:

‘CONNECTING People and Processes via the Cloud, Mobile Devices and Social Media

with Approval Routing and Workflow Technology’

Why should you care?
By CONNECTING People and Processes with today’s available technology, Customer Experience and Engagement is improved, Operational Efficiency is increased, and Organization Excellence is achieved. All critical metrics continuously analyzed by the Executive suite for competitive differentiation. According to the Progress survey*, “Organizations have one or two years at best to make significant inroads with digital transformation before they suffer financially and competitively. Many are worried they are already too late.”
Click here to view a copy of a presentation delivered during our June 16th Webinar and learn how QAD User organizations such as Avery Dennison, Laird Technologies, AFGlobal, John Crane/Smiths, Somero Enterprises, Superior Essex, and many others have adopted Digital Transformation initiatives to stay competitive and avoid falling behind. Learn how you too can take advantage of today’s technologies to champion Digital Transformation initiatives for your organization.
In addition to presenting some case studies we will also demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ISS Group iFramework™ and AART™ technologies which provide real-time integration with QAD EA and are being used by thousands of QAD EA Users to improve various business processes throughout their organizations.
The time for Digital Transformation is Now!
* ‘Are Businesses Really Digitally Transforming or Living in Digital Denial’, by Progress and Loudhouse May 2016