AP Automation for QAD: Touchless Invoice Processing

Watch today to hear Sean Brown, IT Manager at Somero Enterprises explain how Somero has achieved a greater than 60% touchless invoice processing rate by using the  iVoucher™ AP Automation solution for QAD, and the benefits/ROI that accomplishment has generated.

Learn why automated Line Item ‘pairing and matching’ with QAD PO/Receipts is a key differentiator to other A/P Automation Solutions on the market, and how this proprietary feature generates value that simply cannot be achieved without it.

iVoucher™ is a hosted Solution that automates the reconciliation process for both PO and non-PO Supplier invoices. The Solution is integrated with QAD ERP out-of-the-box and provides:

  • QAD A/P Voucher creation upon invoice approval
  • OCR invoice capture and QA service
  • Line item ‘pairing and matching’ with QAD PO’s/Receipts
  • Configurable rules-based approval workflow
  • Ability to process Consignment invoices
  • Payments processing
  • Document storage of Invoice and related documents
  • Payment Analytics
  • and more…

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