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Agile BPI / What can your organization do during an economic downturn…?

By February 19, 2016No Comments

Maverick Spend_18Leading organizations are rarely satisfied with sitting tight and watching the grass grow under their feet. They are continuously looking for ways to improve and increase their competitive advantage. During an economic downturn these companies, some of them your competitors, will be looking to sharpen their business processes and adopt technology based solutions such as Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions to expand their competitive position.
Organizations like these will be more effective and agile during the downturn – and in better shape to take a larger slice of the market when the economy improves.
Improve efficiency. Technology Solutions provide companies with a unique opportunity to automate manual business processes and eliminate non-value-add activities. Although there is never a perfect time to implement technology based solutions, a downturn may be one of the best times. Often your best resources will have new found energy to drive implementations, which isn’t always the case when the economy is strong and companies are at full capacity!
Scale for growth and economic recovery. Long-term thinking companies are implementing technology now to better position themselves for business growth and scalability when business picks back up…and it WILL pick back up. Positioning your organization to improve efficiency during a slowdown can be a great investment and generate quick ROI when conditions change for the better.
Focus on benefits realization. Technology solutions are not always required to demonstrate measurable results when economic times are good, but are in lean times are required more than ever to deliver results.
ISS Group helps organizations realize their full potential, achieve measurable results, save money and operate in a more streamlined and efficient business environment.
We held two live webcasts on February 25th where we provided a demonstration of a BPI solution that helps control what analysts call, ‘The hidden problem in procurement’, and one of the ‘toughest challenges in purchasing…Uncontrolled, or Maverick Spend’ Since then, we’ve had numerous requests to repeat these presentations, so please check your email, or our Event Page for upcoming events on this and other high-value business processes.