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QAD Users: Are there Gaps in your Glass?

By July 31, 2015No Comments

Picture an empty water glass. Now place a bunch of rocks into the glass filling as much of the glass as possible.


Is the glass really filled? Of course you know the answer is ‘no’, since you’ve probably heard this metaphor before, but it’s the perfect symbolism to describe the world of IT business solutions.

Now imagine that the glass represents the Global Manufacturing User community, the rocks represent QAD EA and other ERP applications, and the spaces (gaps) between the rocks in the glass represent unsatisfied business requirements.

Although these ERP applications fill much of the glass (and satisfy many business requirements), no matter how large or robust the ERP application, or how filled the glass seems to be, there will always be space in the glass for pebbles, sand and even water to fill the spaces in the glass. In business terms, there’s still room for many smaller (add-value) Solutions to fill the requirements gaps and satisfy the unsatisfied requirements left by the larger ‘rocks’.

ISS Group® has been filling requirements gaps and providing ‘add-value’ Solutions to QAD Users since 1995.

All of the ISS Group (ISSG) Solutions have been developed utilizing Progress Software technology, the same technology used to develop the QAD ERP application, providing for native integration between the ISSG Solutions and QAD EA, and providing economies of scale for infrastructure deployment requirements as well as software maintenance and support.

ISS Group’s Solutions have proven to generate significant value over the years for hundreds of QAD EA User organizations by not only improving Process productivity and reducing operating costs, but also extending the life and improving the ROI of our Clients investment in QAD EA.

Are there any gaps in your organization’s glass which could use filling?
The ISS Group Solutions include:
iApprove™ – Rules-based Request Routing and Process Workflow for QAD EA
iPurchase™ – Purchase Order Requisition Management for QAD EA
iQuote™ – Sales Quotation Management for QAD EA
iRFQ™– Material Request for Quotation Management for QAD EA
iCommission™ – Sales Commission Management for QAD EA
iVoucher™ – Supplier Invoice Reconciliation Management
Click here to view and download a .pdf of our portfolio of solutions.

We now have 200+ personnel using the ISS Group iPurchaseTM system. Implementing this Digitized system has reduced errors, improved cycle time, and improved our relationship with our suppliers. It’s been a win for everyone. And with the ability for users to access the information with a web browser from anywhere in the world, even when people are out of the office or sick, we can easily substitute another approver without any loss of time.”

 Rushik Patel, IT Manager, MTF