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What exactly are Agile BPI Solutions?

By March 16, 2015No Comments

Agile BPIAgile as defined by Merriam Webster, is the ability to move quickly and easily; smart, and clever. Agile BPI Solutions are software applications designed to be implemented quickly and cost effectively utilizing the Cloud, Mobile Devices, Social Media, and Rules-based Workflow Technology to improve a specific business process and deliver an ROI within only a few months. Process Improvement (BPM) is the next step in improving the return on investment in implementing an ERP application, such as QAD Enterprise Applications and ultimately improving your organization’s bottom line.
ISS Group’s ‘Agile’ Business Process Improvement (BPI) Solutions have satisfied various Process Improvement requirements for hundreds of ERP user organizations over the past 20 years. Organizations such as Avery Dennison who said, “We finally have control over pricing for our sales quoting… We have reduced our sales quote turnaround time from weeks to days…”
According to Six Sigma, companies increasingly are embracing BPI technologies and tools in their pursuit of agility. To meet this end, the goal should be to find the optimal solution for reducing process cycle time and costs.
Process Improvement tools and Process methodology allow organizations to capture and design optimized target processes that are then directly executed using standards-based integration technology.
The BPM target process can include read-and-write interfaces to legacy IT systems, and integration with rules engines and human interfaces using web pages, email, social media and Web 2.0 apps. Learn more…visit us at