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It’s not just the paper! Cost of managing paper? $7,500 per worker

By October 20, 2014No Comments

Paperless workerThe cost of managing paper! Companies spend more than $200 billion each year on office paper expenditures. Digitizing business processes to connect people via the Cloud, mobile devices, and social networks can improve overall corporate efficiency. There is the money saved on paper – some 10,000 pages a year per office worker. But more importantly, companies save time on connectivity, communication and collaboration when they go paperless. When they focus on the cost of managing paper…!
Process Digitization transforms business processes from 20th to the faster 21st century way of operating a business. For instance, when you want to route a form for several quick approvals, don’t bother calling in the sneakered intern. Advanced Approval Routing Technology dynamically routes a form for review and approval. It’s as fast as snapping your finger.
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