How to Automate Approval Routing and Workflow technology for QAD Business Process Requests 

Web Presentation: SIG and ISS Group, along with SI Bone will present a demonstration and Case Study on ISS Group’s ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing and Workflow Technology for QAD

Hear how Craig Jones, Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at SI-Bone, is using this technology to generate a significant return on their investment by reducing costs associated with their purchasing processes. 

You’ll learn how Approval Routing/Workflow Technology can deliver big savings and efficiencies for your organization – regardless of your company size or your industry. 

Whether it is approving a QAD related Process Request such as creating a Purchase Order or an Unplanned Issue or approving changes to a ‘sensitive’ data attribute in a QAD table such as a Customer Credit Limit or a Supplier’s Remit-to Address, the ISS Group Data-Driven Approval Routing/Workflow Technology provides the functionality required to add an approval routing/workflow activity around that specific QAD related Process Request. 

What is Data-Driven Approval Routing and WorkFlow….? 

A technology that creates and alerts a list of Approvers based on configurable routing rules and the data associated with each Request, and then performs an Action upon final approval of that Process Request. 

With well over 500 ‘Data Touch-Points’ seamlessly integrated with QAD ERP, ISS Group offers the leading Business Process solutions in the QAD community for automating tedious, time-consuming, and costly manual Process Requests, which can lead to maverick spend, delayed delivery of goods, missed payments, poor tracking of key documents, and a non-uniform approval process.  

Automated approval processes significantly improve transparency, compliance, and auditability. Implementing an automated Approval and WorkFlow process will standardize an organization’s internal processes, and save time by creating a dependable, repeatable system. 

With our Data-Driven Approval Routing and WorkFlow solutions, here are just a few QAD Process Requests we have automated for our customers: 

  • PO Requisitions and Approvals 
  • Supplier Invoice Approval (AP Automation) 
  • Customer Sales Quote Approval 
  • Financial Requests (i.e., Project Budgets, EE Expenses, CapEx, JEs) 
  • Inventory Requests (i.e., Unplanned Issues/Receipts) 
  • Production Requests (i.e., Scrap Authorization, Assembly Rework) 
  • Shipping Requests (i.e., Freight Authorizations) 
  • Documented QAD DB Updates (i.e., Customer Credit Limit) 

Who we are?

ISS Group has been providing IT Solutions and Services to the QAD User Community since 1995. Our primary focus is to deliver add-value Solutions exclusively to the QAD User Community that improve the Flow and Control of QAD ERP related Business Process Requests.

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