Data-Driven Approval Routing: Processing QAD MRP Planned Orders & MRO PO Requisitions

QAD User Group Fall Conference Session: A Case Study: Data-Driven Approval Routing – Processing QAD MRP Planned Orders & MRO PO Requisitions presented by Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI) business analyst Lori Braun and ISS Group’s CEO Andy Weinstein.

The presentation provides an overview of the ISS Group ‘Data-Driven’ Approval Routing and Workflow technology being used by MAI to process both QAD MRP Planned Orders and MRO PO Requisitions, as well as the benefits and ROI MAI has generated since implementing the ISSG iPurchase® Solution in early 2019. The presentation will also include a demonstration of the iPurchase® MRP Action Center being used by MAI.