Reconfiguring Your Supplier Relationship Mindset

Sometimes the tried-and-true becomes the tired-and-disengaged. Traditional Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tends to manage communication down a one-way street, from your company to the supplier. When supply runs low, your company orders, waits on signatures, approvals, and fulfillment schedules. Sales representatives visit your company on predetermined agendas. Drawn-out contract terms are difficult to change and can take inordinate amounts of approvals and time. Not only can the procurement workflow be tedious, it can slow entire manufacturing processes and reduce your company’s return on investment.

What’s the solution?

Evolving supplier relationships need regular, engaging communication. Today’s supplier relationships demand communication that exercises agility, negotiating two-way streets filled with parked cars on either side that can pull out into traffic right in front of you. Negotiating the element of surprise is best practice in business relationships: procurement processes are becoming more fluid, immediate and subject to change within your company’s supply chain framework. Frameworks which are bumpy rides by nature as they involve many relationships from suppliers, to logistics, to product retail. Not everyone is on the same page. Not everyone is on the same continent. The mindset is that the push of a button ought to get the ball rolling. After all, most medium and enterprise companies are integrated within the cloud now, right?

iBundle: Evolving Company-Supplier Engagement

iBundle Supplier Relationship Improvement solutions (SRI) from ISS Group empowers your eProcurement relationships from your C-levels to your purchasing team to your suppliers. Interoperability and functionality are the buzzwords that remind us that today’s procurement process doesn’t end with product fulfillment. Your suppliers view you as their customer just as you view your suppliers as yours. Talk with each other–often. Build trust and value in the relationships you have with your supplier sales reps. Everyone wants the best deal as quickly as possible and that’s a two-way street. Not only do your suppliers fulfill your company’s physical product needs, you should look to your suppliers for information and advice regarding future procurement and trade credit.
The traditional procurement climate has evolved. Gone are staid contracts and waterfall workflows, meetings that wait on someone to return from vacation for approvals. Today’s supplier relationships depend on the fluidity and synthesis of people and platform.
iBundle Supplier Relationship Improvement (SRI) improves supplier relationships above and beyond your current ERP by streamlining your company’s transactions with a proven suite of out-of-the-box Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions; iApprove, iPurchase, iManagePOs and iVoucher. These solutions can be bolted on to your existing ERP and are all seamlessly integrated with QAD EA, as well as most leading ERP soluitons, for a platform of communication that takes your company’s supplier relationships to the next level whether you implement them separately or as a suite.
ISS Group
ISS Group (ISSG) has been providing IT solutions and services to the QAD User Community since 1995. ISSG’s primary focus is to deliver QAD add-on Solutions to the QAD User Community that improve Supplier Relationships by reducing PO transaction costs, managing and promoting Supplier catalogs, increasing PO volume, tracking Supplier contracts, streamlining invoice processing, and more. Our Solutions have been implemented in hundreds of QAD domestic and global User Organizations, are extremely cost effective, and are implemented within 60-90 days.
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