Dynamic Approval Routing Improves Efficiency and Productivity across the Enterprise

Intrinsic to any product management lifecycle is its approval process. Slow sign-offs not only interrupt workflow controls, but delay entire manufacturing processes. ISS Group’s iApprove™ approval routing solution circumvents such delays so the right people sign off on the right forms at the right time. iApprove™ automates and transforms complex and challenging business processes into simple to use, rules-based digital solutions, no programming required–just point and click.
iApprove’s™ web-based system creates a seamless, secure interface among approvers within your enterprise and within those companies you deal with on a daily basis. Bolt it on to your existing ERP or let it stand it alone, this cloud-based BPI solution allows both internal and mobile users to initiate, track, and collaborate on data-driven process forms such as material pricing and change orders straightforwardly. While it integrates with most leading ERP systems, included is real-time integration with QAD EA, and access to your workflow 24/7 anywhere with your Internet browser.

Approval Issues That Affect Productivity and Efficiency

Routing, facilitating, and getting timely approvals is more than just document control to achieve a desired end. It’s about knowing what stage your approval requests are in, who has them, where they need to go next, what to do when there’s a deviation that could hold your manufacturing process hostage for days. In the manufacturing environment, that can kill an order faster than you can say “not approved.” Waiting all day for sign-offs, or getting approvals that sit without action, bottleneck the manufacturing process which inevitably affects your company’s bottom line. This is a huge reason why it’s imperative to keep the approval issues at bay.

How Does iApprove™ Manage Approval Routing?

Think of iApprove™ as the routing hub where all requests drive forward. Here’s the gist:
The user defines (configures) approval routing rules. There’s no limit to how many can be created based on any data within an approval request. Approval routing can set for simultaneous, sequential or group approvals even when an end user is out of the office. This reduces turnaround time from days to hours and keeps the workflow flowing. It’s dynamic, scalable, reportable, and transparent.

iApprove’s™ automated approval requests features include:

Change approval reroutes
Line item approval, saves re-creating new order
Toggle between line supervisor and rules-based approval
Automatic eMail notification to required approvers
Add or remove approvers
Approval request retracts
Time stamps on approvals/rejections
Approval request audit trail
A simple example: if a JIT order needs to be out in two days and changes need to be made to the resin color in the injection mold department, the person initiating the change request does not have to depend on an on-the-go approver to check emails at the end of the shift to get an approval. As soon as the change order comes in, the initiator simply plugs the information into iApprove™. The change order is created and routed to the approver who approves or disapproves the resin change. The supplier gets the resin to your company in a time frame that keeps the project JIT.

Submitting For Your Approval

Advanced Approval Routing Technology (AART™) is the heart of ISS Group’s BPI solutions. iApprove™ streamlines your purchase order requisitions, sales quotes, commissions, supplier and material approvals so that quality control remains tight and processes manageable. Approval for IT change orders, HR/expense and travel requests that often used to sit idle until someone filters through emails and paperwork are history. You can initiate, route and facilitate approvals anywhere from your iPhone, Blackberry or other Windows devices–perfect for employees on the go.
Contact ISS Group to help you sign off on a more efficient and productive approval routing process. Your standard operating procedure should be more than a waiting game.
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