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QAD Community – Begin your P2P Strategy with a ‘Simple’ Web Application…!

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P2PProcure to pay (purchase to pay or P2P) is the process of obtaining and managing the purchasing of a product, materials needed for the manufacturing a product, or providing a service. It involves the transactional flow of data that is sent to a supplier as well as the data that surrounds the fulfillment of the actual order and payment for the product or service. Per the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, procure to pay should be a seamless process from point of order; procurement, to payment. Automating the process of procurement, or spend management, would be the first step.

The goal of a procure-to-pay software system is to automate processes by introducing efficiency controls. For instance, to enforce buying controls, the software might cross-reference purchasing budgets to ensure compliance with pre-defined buying limits. A requisition that was within pre-defined limits would be programmatically routed for approval, converted into a purchase order once approved and immediately sent to the correct supplier via email.

Automated purchase requisition processing

An authorized person creates a purchase requisition for any approved item via an easy-to-use, simple web application with access to existing online catalogs. An automated workflow for approval is immediately initiated, and approvals are recorded in a visible audit trail. Upon approval, an approved purchase order is generated automatically in your ERP system.

Advantages of automating: 

  1. Reduced costs for purchasing, logistics and accounting
  2. Optimized supplier selection
  3. Better basis for price and contract negotiations
  4. Easier process for personnel, enabling greater compliance and user adoption
  5. Improved incoming invoice processing and reporting ability
  6. Low total cost of ownership as automation process is fully integrated with the ERP system

ISS Group has been assisting organizations for the past 20 years with our business automation strategies by digitizing business processes and implementing  Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions.

One such solution, iPurchase™ is a full-featured PO Requisition Management Solution providing the functionality required to create electronic PO Requisitions and QAD Purchase Orders. Utilizing the ISS Group AART™ technology for approval routing of PO Requisitions, iPurchase™ creates QAD Purchase Orders in real-time upon Requisition approval. iPurchase™ provides Supplier eCommerce Shopping (Punchouts), Supplier Catalog Management, eMail Alerts and eMail Requisition Approval, Mobile Functionality, Project Budgeting & Spend Tracking, Requisition Inquiry, QAD PO Change, QAD PO Inquiry/Re-print, Purchasing Analytics, and more…

All of our Solutions are integrated with QAD EE and SE, and are 100% Web-based providing (24×7 access).

For further detail on this, or any one of ISS Group™ solutions, please email us at, and we can schedule a private, no obligation demonstration to see how we may be of assistance to you.


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