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QAD Users: The Business Need for a Procure to Pay Solution

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What happens when your organization uses a Procure to Pay (P2P) solution? 



  • They may be discouraged by the complicated requisition approval processes imposed by the software, and so find a way to purchase outside the Procure to Pay system, essentially making a “maverick purchase


  • Your business users may struggle with tools that are difficult to use and offer limited product choices


  • You may find it difficult to locate and order the product or services needed


  • The P2P implementation may suffer from low adoption and compliance


With our robust modules iPurchase™ and  iVoucher™, our procure-to-pay solution will not impose any such troubles on your users but help your organization make better and faster purchases.

  • iPurchase™ is a web-based Purchase Order Requisition Management solution that is integrated real-time with QAD Enterprise Applications. iPurchase™ utilizes the ISS Group AART™ technology for routing (from straight-forward to highly complex rules-based approvals), of PO Requisitions and creates QAD Purchase Order upon Requisition approval.


  • iVoucher™ is a Supplier invoice reconciliation solution integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications. iVoucher™ automates the Invoice Reconciliation process for both PO and non-PO invoices.

“We have been able to double our PO volume without adding any resources… We have significantly improved our controls, user experience and data quality…
Carlisle Brake

Carlisle Brake and Friction

It’s estimated, according to Aberdeen that 30%–45% of indirect purchasing in organizations is “maverick” purchasing, with price costs averaging 35% more than agreement prices. Standard purchase requisitioning processes employ the use of an internal document that contains a description and quantity of the goods or services to be purchased, a required delivery date, an account number, and the maximum cost. Even the names of suggested supply sources can be included.

Reconciliation and e-Invoicing:

The Hackett Group states that an organization using scanning and work flow and changes processing of vendor invoices from manual to OCR can save as much as 18% on processing cost per invoice while at the same time if the organization implements e-Invoicing they can look at a potential savings of 42% in the processing cost per invoice…!


So what are the Advantages of QAD Users automating your Procure to Pay process from ISS Group…?
Ø  Pre-integrated with QAD EE, SE and EAM,
Ø  Cost Effective Licensing providing fast ROI,
Ø  Proven results with many QAD End-user Organizations,
Ø  Configurable Rules-based Approval Workflow Technology,
Ø  On-premise or Cloud Deployment,
Ø  Mobile Functionality,
Ø  ISS Group providing Solutions exclusively to QAD community since 1995,
Ø  Implementation in 30-60 days.

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