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QAD – Extend your ERP ROI with Digital Transformation

By April 22, 2016No Comments
Digital Transformation_2Your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are fundamentally digital. Both business leaders and technology innovators must transform to a thoroughly digital business or face becoming digital prey; this according to a survey performed by Gartner, Inc.
DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION brings these groups together to help you collaborate and successfully transform your organization.
In a paper written by Aberdeen Group, “top performing organizations can improve essential components of their organization (such as supply chain, product innovation, asset management, customer interaction, finance and employee success) by digitizing processes to make them more collaborative, information driven, effective and simple.”
Whether your organization completely digitizes its business processes or takes a one-off approach, advances in foundational information technology, process automation and analytics, will unleash the potential for more productive and innovative ways of working.
Replacing paper and manual processes with software allows businesses to automatically collect data that can be mined to better understand process performance, cost drivers, and causes of risk. Real-time reports and dashboards on digital-process performance permit managers to address problems before they become critical.
We can help…And we’ll do it all without wasting your most precious commodity: Your Time.
Click here to view a copy of a presentation delivered during our June 16th Webinar discussing how Digital Transformation of critical business processes is necessary to capture and extend the ROI in your QAD ERP implementation, and how ISS Group’s web-based Business Process Improvement Solutions have assisted many Best of Breed QAD User organizations achieve this objective.