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Agile BPI / Digitally Transform your Organization

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Digitally Transform

The following is a summary of a white paper recently published by the Aberdeen Group on how to Digitally Transform your business ( titled:

‘Don’t Be Left Behind: The Time for Digital Transformation is Now’

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The paper talks about technologies classified under the acronym EIM (Enterprise Information Management), and how this class of technologies when integrated with an organization’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system creates an environment for Digital Transformation that provides significant benefits, including:

  • Improved time-to-decision
  • Improved cycle time of key business processes
  • Improved Employee productivity
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Complete and on-time delivery

EIM technologies include:

  • Process Management
  • Content and Document Management
  • Customer Facing Applications
  • Business Intelligence

Data collected by Aberdeen indicate that Best in Class businesses are digitizing their business for the following reasons:

  • 46% to promote collaboration between business processes and business units
  • 29% to manage cases based on goals rather than rigid processes
  • 29% to create more intelligent workflows
  • 21% to remap and re-engineer business processes to be more efficient
  • 21% to decrease response times to internal and external events
  • 17% to digitize processes

The paper goes on to say that of the businesses who have both EIM and ERP technologies:

  • 93% have the ability to measure end-to-end process cycles times or organizational process improvements compared to 26% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP
  • 80% have the ability to notify employees when processes are assigned or due compared to 45% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP
  • 73% have the ability to capture and integrate ideas from employees, customers, and suppliers compared to 49% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP
  • 67% have the ability to create dynamic processes that are determined based on the collection of information to determine process resolution rather than a predefined workflow compared to 15% of businesses who do not have EIM and ERP

ISS Group has been providing Digital Transformation technologies to the QAD User community via our Process Digitization™ development and implementation methodology since 1995. All of the ISS Group Solutions are real-time integrated with the QAD ERP application and have proven to provide significant value to our Clients as outlined in the Aberdeen Group paper. Please download the Aberdeen Group paper to learn more about how Digital Transformation can help your organization, and feel free to request a demonstration of any of the ISS Group Solutions at your convenience.

Click here to download The Report