Business Process Improvement | MWUG Fall 2015 | 13 – 15 September

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Join us at our booth at the QAD Midwest Users Group (MWUG) and learn more about our Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions. See how the 21st Century organization through Process Digitization™ utilizes today’s connectivity technology and communication channels, specifically the Internet (or Cloud), Mobile Devices, and Social networks, together with Rules-based Business Process Improvement Technology transform business processes from the old and slower 20th century way of operating a business (Analog) into the new and faster 21st century way of operating a business in real-time (Digital).
•Global Process StandardizationFall 2015 MWUG USer Group_Address
•Reduce Process Cycle Time
•Improve Process Visibility / Tracking
•Implement Process Controls
•Eliminate Paper Forms
•Operate your Business in Real-time
•Deliver Process Metrics
•Reduce Process Costs

Just Released: Automated Control of QAD New Item Setup… Click here…!

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Working in collaboration with one of QAD’s leading Management Consulting and implementation Partners, Logan Consulting, ISS Group has developed a new solution, New Item Setup and Inquiry, which will assist QAD user organizations with the task of creating new Items and all of its required data within the QAD Enterprise Application (EA).
Click here to learn more about ISS Group, and what our solutions and services can offer you organization.
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