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Agile BPI / Business Process Management for QAD EA Users

By July 7, 2015No Comments

Supply Chain2If you are a Supply Chain or IT Professional using the QAD Enterprise Application (EA) and are responsible for setting up Items in QAD, you know the challenge that can be, especially if multiple people within your organization need to be involved in the process. You know that for certain types of Items there are as many as eight (8) tables (and sometimes more if you have any 3rd party add-ons) which need to be maintained with many pieces of data on each table. How often has your organization tried to turn on production for a specific Item only to learn that a piece of critical data is missing from the system (like costing or pricing data), and then scramble to find the right person(s) to input that data?
Working in collaboration with one of QAD’s leading Management Consulting and implementation Partners, Logan Consulting, ISS Group has developed new functionality to our iApprove solution that will assist QAD user organizations with the task of creating new Items and all of its required data within the QAD Enterprise Application (EA).
Whether it’s a Purchased Item or a Manufactured Item, the New Item Setup and Inquiry functionality within the ISS Group iApprove™ Business Process Management (BPM) solution, one of ISS Group’s add-value Business Process Improvement Solutions for QAD EA, will organize, streamline and provide automated control over the process of creating a new Item with all of its required data elements in QAD EA.
iApprove™ does not replace the QAD EA maintenance screens which are already being used by your organization, rather, it starts the process of creating a new Item by creating a new record with the mandatory data in the Item master file of QAD EA (ie; Item #, Description, UOM, Product Line, etc.), and then ensures that the people who are part of the process of setting up an Item are automatically notified, and if necessary reminded, to perform their role, as well as checks the tables to ensure that the required data has been maintained.
Since introducing iApprove™ to the QAD user community back in 2011, QAD end-users have utilized this solution and its underlying technologies to satisfy a number of unique process requirements. The New Item Setup and Inquiry functionality of iApprove™ is the latest addition to the growing library of examples of how the iApprove™ solution can be used by a QAD end-user organization to streamline and implement control over a QAD EA related process. We will be providing a demonstration of this new iApprove™ functionality in two time slots on Thursday July 23rd for your convenience:
Register here for the 12:30pm EST (9:30am PT) presentation on July 23rd
Register here for the 3:30pm EST (12:30pm PT) presentation on July 23rd