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Agile BPI / Creation of Business Rules for Approval Routing and Workflow

By June 8, 2015No Comments

Routing ImageWhy is configuring YOUR companies Business Rules within an Approval and Workflow solution important to you and your organization?
– Automate Policy
– Enforce Process Control
– Reduce Communication Lag
– Standardize Procedures
Automatic routing and approval of business rules give you operational efficiency as well as an audit trail and record keeping.  Approvers can easily understand where they sit in the approval chain and who has already approved, as well as the transaction detail that they need to effectively make a decision.
At the heart of all of ISS Group’s Agile Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions we include an extremely robust Approval and Routing Workflow engine. This allows the end-user organization to easily configure…creating the most challenging, or simple approval routing rules without any programming necessary, based on YOUR organizations specific business rules. System administrators can setup a rule by simply adding criteria to the rules based engine based on business processes for simultaneous as well as sequential approvals; group approvals; approval re-routing based on changes made to a request; for retracting of a request by the originator, and re-submission of a request for multiple approval attempts, and more.
This functionality creates web-based ‘Process Forms’ (i.e.; Purchase Requisitions, Customer Claims, Cap-Ex requests, Check requests, and much more…), for the purpose of routing the form via the Cloud and Mobile Devices to one or more people within your organization based on a set of user defined rules and any or all of the data in the form. Workflow instructions are provided to Process Members who receive the form, and an action takes place upon approving the form (i.e.; updating QAD data, creation of an eMail or Text message alert, creation of a QAD transaction such as a Purchase or Sales Order, Change Orders…virtually any transaction needed). Email and mobile approvals free up your business from waiting for decision makers to return to the office.
Join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 2pm for a How-To presentation on the creation of Business rules for Approval Routing and Workflow.
Click here to watch a quick demonstration on simple approval rules.
Click here to watch a quick demonstration on complex approval rules.