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Agile BPI / Getting Results! Process Metrics and they how help to Improve Performance

By June 1, 2015No Comments

Supply Chain_2As companies seek to improve their performance in driving savings and increasing efficiencies, Process Metrics serves as a powerful tool for measuring a company’s business processes for optimized performance. Supply Chain and IT professionals can better understand the relative effectiveness of their efforts and find areas of opportunity to improve upon, for savings and future growth.
ISS Group’s solutions’ provide updated key performance metrics including requisition-to-order cycle time, number of approvers per requisition, cycle time by month, rejection code analysis, activity summary by originator and more.
Having the ability to obtain and monitor key metrics allows an organization to move quickly towards Process Improvement’, the goal being to effectively yield efficient processes, and ultimately deliver increased savings and productivity.
“We’re focused on our customers’ success and strive to help them evaluate how they can continually make the appropriate adjustments and changes to critical processes. This is at the heart of our number one objective; Process Improvement.”
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