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Agile BPI / Rules Based Approval Routing Improves Purchase Order Cycle Time!

By May 19, 2015No Comments

How can you improve Purchase Order cycle time?
Each time you’re confronted with an important decision there is mental tension. This can lead to fatigue and stress. Harvard Business Review recommends the use of routines to reduce decision making. For instance, if you are a morning person, then get the difficult decisions out of the way before lunch. Rules-based approval routing and workflow also can alleviate mental tension. A digitized communication answer to moving decisions quickly through the pipeline, such as iPurchase™, works this simply.
One of ISS Group’s Agile BPI solutions, iPurchase™ is a web-based Purchase Order Requisition Management solution that is integrated real-time with QAD Enterprise Applications. iPurchase™ utilizes the ISS Group AART™ technology for routing of PO Requisitions for quicker, audited approvals thereby significantly improving Purchase Order cycle time.
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