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Agile BPI / Caterpillar versus butterfly in business process management

By April 24, 2015No Comments
Traditional Enterprise
The old way – business process management – moved at the speed of a caterpillar, resulting in methodically and bureaucratically slow solutions. Today’s Agile business process improvement is more like a butterfly – able to move in any direction that will produce the best and fastest results.
Here’s what we know today about Agile BPI versus traditional business process management: A company setting up a project that might be over budget can use Agile BPI solutions to automatically route project information to decision makers. Approvals for an increased budget or a request for more information or a rejection can be made instantly to all involved.
An older, slower BPM project would require changes to maybe 10 different processes. The company would have to graph them and then have them reviewed by four or more committees. A solution – the company’s ability to stay agile and competitive – would take months versus a few days with Agile BPI. Plus, Agile BPI solutions reduce costs, improve cash flow, and improve financial controls.