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Agile BPI / Companies strive for agile BPI solutions to improve bottom line

By April 20, 2015No Comments

Enterprise AgilityWhen there are global disruptive events, like the recent oil price collapse, companies strive to increase agility and improve their financial picture, according to The Hackett Group.
“Economic and political volatility remain high, and the drive to improve enterprise agility and innovation is greater than ever before. Finance has to be able to play a key role in helping their companies identify opportunities and respond to unforeseen events. Unfortunately, the capability gaps we’ve identified in this year’s key issues study make it very difficult for finance to do this. And after years of cost-cutting, improving finance performance is a tremendous challenge.”
Agile business process improvement solutions save companies money these ways:
* Reduce process cycle time and costs
* Streamline business partner transactions
* Reduce costs and improve cash flow
* Improve financial controls
You might think of Agile BPI as a solution to rising risk, such as intensified competition and talent shortages.
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