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QAD Users: Grab the elevator ride to the Internet of Things

By January 26, 2015No Comments

IoTMost of us are on the ground floor of the Internet of Things (IoT). Samsung, Gartner, GE, a few others have started the climb, but plenty of companies don’t know which button to push.
I can help you with thisstart with Process Digitization. Transforming your company’s business processes from analog to digital will leverage 21st Century technology, connecting you to stakeholders via the cloud, mobile devices, and social media.
IoT is all about bypassing human workflow and stopgaps. Equipment and devices do the thinking you want them to do. And they act instantaneously. If you need an approval, it’s immediately routed to all required parties.
First IoT stop for QAD Users: Jan. 29 webinar, 12:30-1:30.