Business Process Digitization | SEUG Fall 2014 | 9 – 11 November

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SEUGa_Fall 2014Join us at our booth at the SEUG and learn more about the 21st Century organization through Process Digitization™; how to utilize today’s connectivity technology and communication channels, specifically the Internet (or Cloud), Mobile Devices, and Social Networks, together with Rules-based Business Process Improvement Technology, and transform business processes from the old and slower 20th century way of operating a business (Analog) into the new and faster 21st century way of operating a business in real-time (Digital).

  • Global Process Standardization
  • Reduce Process Cycle Time
  • Improve Process Visibility / Tracking
  • Implement Process Controls
  • Eliminate Paper Forms
  • Operate your Business in Real-time
  • Deliver Process Metrics
  • Reduce Process Costs

  User Group Conference              
November 9-11, 2014
Sheraton Society Hill
Philadelphia, PA