Process Digitization

Before digital, analog and the printing press…there were complaining monks

By September 2, 2014No Comments

Process Digitization Slide (r2)“The parchment is hairy,” griped a medieval monk who spent months copying biblical text. We know of his grievance because he wrote it in the margin of his painstakingly copied manuscript.
I imagine the evolution from 20th Century analog to 21st Century digital is as much of a world transformation as what happened after Johannes Gutenberg introduced the West to mechanical printing technology. But it’s not an instant change. Not all scribe monks lost their day jobs immediately after 1450. And, today, too many businesses continue their old analog-based processes.
Process Digitization helps companies make the leap. Connectivity technology and communication channels- whether it’s the Internet or Cloud, mobile devices, or social networks- transform business processes. What once was as slow as carrier pigeons now is as brisk as hummingbird wings.
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